How to care for your Linen Salvage products:


Linen bedding , Linen and Velvet Bedding

Machine wash in cold water with gentle liquid soap water , no bleach, Lay flat to dry or tumble dry cold setting.

Dry clean if desired.


Cotton bedding 

Machine wash in cool water with gentle liquid soap , no bleach, Lay flat to dry or tumble dry cold or warm setting. Iron is desired.


Face masks :

Please hand wash in warm water with liquid soap. Let fully soak. Rinse off soap with cold water.

Fold mask in half and roll up like a little cigar, and squeeze out the water.

Pull to shape and lay flat to dry.

You can wash in cold or warm water in machine with mild liquid soap  no bleach, no strong detergent.

Do not put masks in dryer.


Scarves :

Hand wash in cold water with mild soap or machine wash in cold water setting. Lay flat /hang to dry or tumble dry lowest cold setting.

No bleach, no strong detergents.