Small Size -All White "Color me" Masks -3 Pack White


Create your own unique style by drawing right on your own mask!

Use your own permanent markers, waterproof pens or fabric markers and decorate by adding your own art!

Wear gloves so your hands stay clean!

Put some paper towel inside the mask before you start decorating to make sure no colors bleed to the other side.

Small Size 

Measures 5" wide by 5 1/2" heigh

Machine Washable /Re-Useable

100% Cotton Soft Percale 200 TC

2 Ply

(Front is 1 ply, Back is 2nd ply)

Reverse side has open pocket to insert paper towel to use as an extra filter (similar to paper mask )

Expedited ship available at checkout

Made in our factory in California


(Our factory workers are separated 6-8 feet from each other because we sew bedding and sewing tables are very wide to accommodate  very large pieces of fabric . Think king size sheets!

Our workers wear masks every day to sew our velvets.

All workers have hand sanitizer , and are working in large open space.





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