What Is a Toile and Why Is it Trending Now?

Is toile bedding the latest home textiles trend?

A toile print is a French print style of a traditional floral that depicts a scene .The actual name is Toile du Jouy , which is a specific type of linen printed with romantic, pastoral patterns in a single color. The word literally means “cloth” in French.

Although the word toile means fabric, the word toile has evolved to also refer to the original design aesthetic of the fabric. Toile gained popularity as a printed French fabric in the late eighteenth century, and the classic aesthetic remains popular today.

 What does the word toile mean?

The word “toile” comes from the French word for linen cloth. The original toile print designs were originally single-color prints on a white background featuring pastoral scenes, vignettes with people from the French country, and references to European mythology. The first toile fabrics were actually printed in Ireland, but later printed in France.

Toiles of significant intricacy became a hallmark of Asian countries such as China and Japan, producing some of the world’s most exquisite toiles and interpreting french floral fabric into Asian themes, with images of sumptuous gardens, traditional architecture and elegant figures printed on linen fabric.   


What colors do toiles come in?

Traditionally, toile was printed with just one color, on a white simple linen or cotton ground using black, blue, or red pigments, then in the 19th century ,when new dyes and pigments were invented, toile was produced in a more colors, such as shades of green. Colors such as pink or blue came much later, as the style developed and new toile patterns were created allover the world.

Many vintage floral print fabrics feature pretty pastel colors like pink and blue and these soft colors look gorgeous in many room settings. These pretty floral prints often are used for toile wallpaper and toile bedding . Modern collections feature shades of blue toile bedding that often depicts beautiful bouquets of dainty flowers or other pastoral scenes in soft blues hues designed to be relaxing and tell a story.

                   pink toile bedding

What's the most popular toile bedding color?

One of the most popular combinations is pink toile bedding that features a french toile in a soft soft floral rose color . Printed on 100% cotton poplin or linen, pink toile bedding is very pretty on a white bed, or with sheets with ruffles. Vintage french print fabric is always an inspiration and designers continually search for the perfect pattern.

 A favorite colorway is blue toile bedding ,which is perfect for both kids bedrooms or for guest bedrooms because it adds soft traditional style in a modern way. Vintage floral print fabrics tell a story softly and are the best vintage inspiration for modern use because they can be interpreted in so many ways and can be used by designers both in their original colors or re-colored to work in modern traditional homes.           



 So why is toile bedding so popular?

Toile de Jouy has never actually gone out of style, but regained popularity multiple times since the style began. Toile prints were rediscovered by designers during the Colonial Revival movement in the 1970s, when the American Bicentennial inspired people utilize the the design trends of the Colonial Era. Now it’s very popular in home and in particular in use in home textiles, to bring vintage European luxury to modern style. 

With so many options for florals in the market , beautiful toile bedding creates a tranquil story that lends to the restful and peaceful vibe of the room in a classic and elegant way.

victoria toile


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