Top 3 Gorgeous Examples of Modern Romantic Style

With so many magazines and online blogs featuring traditional romantic style , like English Country, French Provincial, Cottage Style, what is modern romantic style? 

#1 Use of Natural fiber fabrics 

Our linen bedding collections feature 100% natural fiber textiles that are selected for their quality, softness and drape. With over 20 years of experience in sourcing raw materials, our founder selects the finest , cleanest fabrics that will dye beautifully into our custom colors here in the USA. Our silk velvet bedding utilizes soft silk (from silk worm's cocoon ) and rayon (from the bamboo plant) together that create the most gorgeous bedding that feels amazing on every bed.

                    Montage bed in natural color tea stain features silk velvet and garment dyed linen.This linen bedding is soft, comfortable and made in USA

Our cotton poplin is light and crisp. It has a very old school, grandma's sheets kind of feel. Modern Romantic bedding in our view features pretty details like ruffles, lace trims, but rendered in modern styles with simplicity letting just the pretty ruffle stand out.Our Clementine collection is a best seller because it is simple and pretty.


 #2 Traditional Prints in a Modern Update

We love vintage prints like French Toile and French Damasks, but we color them in soft updated colors for your modern lifestyle. We never take it too seriously and instead apply our "California Cool" spin on it, by designing the prints to be simple, and to mix and match the toile bedding and to feel casual.Featured in this image is our Trellis bedding in Teacup blue. This toile print bed has an airy open feeling and we styled it to gall casually and naturally as it would in the home. We added a second floral print , a ditsy print (small scale) print that with a small ruffle pillowcase adds a modern mix of soft colors. We finish the bed off with our voile cotton bedskirt.The overall look is modern, simple and pretty.

          Pretty Trellis Print poplin bedding features a modern french toile damask bedding pattern, with cotton bedskirt and white sheets made in USA

Here's our Trellis Floral Bed in our pretty pink color. This soft damask print has a large white ground so it mixes back to white and other tones of similar colors

                              Trellis bedding in pink  

#3 An Easy Casual Vibe

Traditional Style Romantic bedding can feel stuffy and boring as some designers attempt to re-create perfect replicas of old bedrooms. We feel that in order for traditional romantic style to evolve, it has to be flexible and mix with other period pieces, like modern furniture, a modern headboard, simple architecture.

Our bedding is designed to feel casual. We are in California, and our California lifestyle is exactly that, casual. We live in jeans, shorts, sneakers or sandals, and our homes have a lightness due to the sunlight and warm climate here.

Our collection reflects our lives and lifestyle and all our products will always have a refreshing casual feel even with the most "traditional prints".

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